14 November, 2013

"Of Interviews and Magazines . . . "

Shopping in New York with Susanna Salk.


Well . . . there's a lot going on around these parts today.  So with so much news to cover - let's just take things in turn.

Firstly - I am beyond excited to be featured over on Quintessence as part of their ongoing "Stylish Shopping" series.  Stacey, Susanna, and I spent a marvelous morning in New York - looking at textiles at Lee Jofa showroom . . . and then shopping for shoes at my beloved Stubbs & Wootton.  Check out the video here.

And then . . . after months of plotting and planning . . . this happened.  We have a lovely editorial in the upcoming December issue of House Beautiful of my little home here in San Francisco.  The online version launched this morning . . .

from the December issue of House Beautiful. 
(photography by Thayer Gowdy) 

Keep an eye out for us in the December issue - coming soon to mailboxes and news stands.



Squeak said...

House Beautiful? You have ARRIVED! Congratulations!

mrs. V | Chez V said...

I just squealed with glee. So well deserved. Can. not. wait.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott - Congrats on your House Beautiful editorial! I can't wait to see it. And I loved the video!

Claudia Juestel said...

Congratulations on the article in House Beautiful! It really shows off your home and spirit beautifully, knowing you and your home.



Merlin said...

Well deserved!! franki

niartist said...

So happy for you Scot!

Carla Aston said...

Congratulations! About time. :-)

quintessence said...

We loved our day out with our fellow plaid! And congrats on your beautiful spread!!

Kevin Graves said...

Loved the piece in HB. You are so talented!

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