"Once Upon a Time . . . "


This.  This is how and where it all started.  Nov. 06, 2008.  On a quiet, rainy evening at the little desk in my kitchen - this little blog was born.  


"And then . . . there was the blog . . . "
November 06, 2008

Good evening, 

I'm curious to see how many times I write, then delete, and then re-write this before clicking that elusive "publish" button. Thus far, we're on version number 3. Let's see if this quiet missive makes it into the world of blogspot in anything resembling it's original form.

what to write about first? plans for the house for the holidays? how much I love my new car . . . lol?

well, I think tonight's going to be about exploring good choices and my need to look with hope into the future. kinda excited about being in the office tomorrow. hang on to your socks . . . I'm updating the website in the next few weeks. yay.

I'll start updating images once I've got some final shots from my photographer.

stay tuned,


We've come a long way.  And lordy, it's been such fun.  The best part - is that the fun still continues!  Hilariously, I'm still excited about going into the office again in the morning . . . and, clearly, we just updated with website again yesterday - obviously, things never really change around here - lol.   I can't believe the style and design we're shared.  The travels.  The frustrations.  The successes.  And the holiday decorations!  

So . . . thank you all - each and every one of you - for joining me on this rollicking journey.  Today starts another year of sharing the road with you.  



Bethanne Matari said…
Congrats Scot---keep up the good job!
Salmagundi said…
Keep sharing! I learn so much just viewing the beautiful images of your work. Thanks. Sally
Karen said…
You are a bright spot in blog land and I hope you can find the time to do this for many more years. BTW, I'd love that perpetual calendar! lol
Susan S said…
Bravo! May your success continue!
janie said…
Congrats! Love your blog.
Reading this post sounds all too familiar, constantly making changes to a post which may not have taken long to write initially but with constant changes can take up the best part of the day.

I only hope my blog is still going after 5 years, it's a great achievement as I realise you actually have a day job too and how you keep up with the blog and your design work I will never know...my blog has become my 'day' job...night times too, at times.

I can't wait to see your new website design.

Lee :)

Karena said…
Scot you bring so much panache to the blog world. Congratulations my friend!

The Arts by Karena
Reggie Darling said…
Thanks, Scott, for all your hard work and fun here. You are an inspiration to many of us! Reggie
Cheryl said…
I look forward to your blog everyday. Love your style, so inspiring! Please keep 'em coming!
Carol said…
Love your blog. I'm not a big commenter, but I read all your posts -- and drool over all your designs! Thank you for such great inspiration.
i held my breath hoping you would not say farewell, brilliant! congrats to another fine year, my stylish friend
YONKS said…
Always a favourite read of mine. Keep it up!

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