30 October, 2013

"Living on the Edge . . . "


You know, we talk a lot about 'the big picture' around these parts . . . highlighting the use of colour. . . or dealing with space planning . . . but, as they say, "The devil is in the details."  Interestingly, they also say that, "God is in the details."  So clearly, for better or worse - dealing with the details either gets you into heaven - or keeps you out of hell.

Today I thought I'd share some thoughts on one of my favourite details - pillow trim.  Maybe these can inspire you for some of your upcoming holiday decorating - or maybe even better - for the betterment of your life in general.  

Now, I love the exuberance of a classic tassel-fringe.  
But, I always use it sparingly.  There might be two, maybe three, pillows
in an entire room with this lush, extravagant detail.  

You can see in the room - the other pillows have a simple twist 
cording - or the lovely silk mattress-ticking with a brush fringe. 

This is a hand-frayed trim on a pair of monogrammed tartan pillows 
at my office.  And by hand-frayed - yes - I mean I spent several nights
in front of the TV pulling the weft threads out of the textile, leaving only the warping. 
Then I made sure that the pattern matched up from the face of the pillow
to the custom fringe.  Details.  Always details.

But, sometimes everything doesn't need to happen 'on the edge.'
We added this charming little trim on the face of the pillow,
creating a framing detail.  

Again - in use in the room - we made sure that the other pillows were a bit more
reserved in style - with a simple 1/4 inch self welt.

Another great use of placing a flat taping on the face of the pillow.
And this warm bark-coloured velvet trim added some whimsy
to a classic navy silk damask.  

I also love the lushness of a brush fringe.  Here in multiple shades
of blues, navys, and brown - on a vintage crewelwork botanical. 

But yes, Virginia, there is a 'knife-edge.'  And sometimes 
this simplest solution is the best.

For me - as I start laying out decorative pillows for any of my projects (and even 
in my own home) - I think it's best to mix together several trims and details.
Giving the flashier ones a stage to perform - and giving the
simple ones a more secondary role.

It's like casting a play.  
A few strong, sexy characters.
And a good supporting cast to surround them.



Karena said...

Hi Scott, oh yes the trims on pillows take all of the decor up a notch! I have some beautiful trim I need the right fabric to use on...

Review "Fifth Avenue Style"

Karena said...

My friend Scot of course sometimes my fingers get carried away.


Karen said...

This is really great, I've been adding a few new pillows and wanted to kick things up a notch...sometimes the simple touches, like your brown velvet trim on the silk damask pillow is what captures the attention.

janie said...

Really enjoyed this post; educational and entertaining. My eye fell on the skirted table....can you do a post on them?

Anonymous said...

You have a great eye for detail. It's one thing to recognize it, but truly takes a person with great style to master the use of these trims. Style = you!

DecRenew Interiors said...

I love trim on the edge of draperies too! Beautiful!

AlwaysMe said...

What a wonderful post! Of course, you hand frayed the fabric yourself - that's why we follow you - here and on Pinterest! Your attention to detail and the quality of the fabrics is evident in the pictures. They are gorgeous.

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