17 October, 2013

"Booking . . . "

SMW Design, Piedmont Ca. 


Christmas is coming.  And no . . . this is not a rant about the endless holiday merchandise that is already appearing at a few retailers.  Or even about holiday plans here at the house.  No.  The best news about the upcoming holiday season is the inevitable bounty of amazing art and designs books all about to (or just recently) hit the marketplace.

Here are just a few of my new favourites . . . 

Let's get shopping!



The Peak of Chic said...

Thank you for including my book in such an illustrious list!

I want your bookstand, by the way!

Lee Caroline - A World of Inspiration said...

'Beyond Chic' and 'Decorating in Detail' are my kind of books, will check out if they have made their way across the shores to New Zealand.

I also love the first image. I am sitting in my new office which I have finally got the space back after it being used as a storage room. I would love the look from the first image. A whole bank of built in bookshelves would be fabulous. I might just draw on some inspiration.

Lee :)

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Lee -

Here's a bit more information on our library project.



Scot Meacham Wood said...

Jennifer -


Karena said...

So many amazing books this season. Thank you for mentioning them Scot!

2013 Designer Series

Anonymous said...

Who says books are going out of use? Are you kidding?
These are the best books I have seen in 43 years of decorating (WHEW!!!)

I love all of these books! (my fave has to be Steven Stolman's because he has been my friend for thirty years or something scary like that!!)

LOVE THEM ALL! I can't wait for Mario's!!! I've known him for a million years too!

Great post!!!

Merlin said...

"Quintessence" did a blog on "Fifth Avenue Style" that peaked my interest. Your library is STUNNING! When is your book out?? franki


Awfully kind of you. Very touched. Hope you enjoyed it.

Cameo said...

Ok sooooooo.... "Fifth Avenue Style" is inspiring me to wallpaper a door........have you ever tried this Scott love???
As Alice says to the Madhatter,...."too much muchness" ......." Booking" indeed!!

Victoria said...

I have Mr. Marks book on my Christmas list he has great style.
And of course I am totally enamored
with the library you created at the top of this post.

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