"The Future King . . . "


I will admit that we do more than our fair share of 'royal-watching' here at SMW Design - to the point that - even though I was working with clients almost the entire day yesterday - we would both cease our discussion of bath fixtures and wall treatments at regular intervals to check in with twitter to see if the new royal had, in fact, been born.

And thusly . . . we raised a toast, with our diet Snapples, in the middle of a bath fixture showroom . . . to the newest English royal.

Now, I'm all on pins and needles waiting to hear the name.  Maybe there's a "Phillip" in there for his great-grandfather.  Or an "Arthur" . . . for a bit a romantic legend.  I'm holding out for "Spencer."

Luckily, he's bound to have at least 4 to 5 names . . . so almost everyone could win the betting pool.

Here are a few more images from The Daily Mail of this morning's introduction to the press!

And I can only assume that Kate's choice of the charming blue and white polka dot dress was an homage to Diana - when she and Charles introduced William in 1982.



Karena said…
I thought the same thing about Kate's dress. I am so happy for this wonderful Royal Couple!

2013 Designers Series
I have watched nonstop, changing channels to catch every minute of the pomp and circumstance. So nice to see something this wonderful with all else going on.
Thanking you for sharing these gorgeous pictures, Scot.

Hail To the Queen!
Anita Diaz said…
Oh I am with you all the way!! To see good news is just wonderful. Plus, Catherine's style and class are so refreshing in the world of American reality TV and celebrity.
Anonymous said…
Love this post! I cant help it - I love the royal watching! Wow, kate has a few grey hairs in your photo! Well, get used to it, parenthood is a guarantee of a lot of premature grey!! I feel like Diana prepared William to be a great parent! I hope they name the baby James!
Donna said…
Did you notice that the baby blanket looks like the same blanket the William was swaddled in . . . I wonder who the person is who thought to save it for them?? Donna
Loved every minute! I'm pulling for Spencer, too.
Kathleen said…
I agree with Anita. While the world was admiring this charming couple with their beautiful, innocent baby, our American politican was having a press conference regarding his diry laundry. Sad they have an innocent baby too. It was depressing and a bit hopefully at the same time. Can we please have a return to romance and style?

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