"Peninsula Volunteers Decorator Show House 2013 . . . "


Well . . . after months and months of planning and plotting . . . and sweating the last few details . . . the Peninsula Volunteers Decorator Show House opens tomorrow (Saturday May 4th) at 10am.  You can find more information here regarding tickets and hours. . . so, please, come by and visit "The Bridge Tournament Room!"  We're back by the pool.  Maybe getting a little sun.  Or in by our jaunty yellow lacquer custom drinks cart from The Gilded Stag!

The house is open May 4th through May 24th from 10am to 4pm.  General admission is $35.00 - and parking and shuttle service is provided from 3674 Sand Hill Rd.



lsellers said…
What fun! So wish I could be there sharing a toast to you, your fabulous room, and all things Lilly. Cheers from snowy (yes!) Missouri!
Unknown said…
needs more color.

tee hee.

congrats, scot!
It looks amazing and I can't wait to see more pictures! xx
Karena said…
Very Striking and who is that good looking man!? :)

PS Last day to enter for a Paris Book!
Art by Karena
Lisa Mende said…
I love this picture so much!!! OMG! So fab! You look amazing!!!
What a shame I am so far away I would have loved to have seen the house. Love those pants by the way, they scream out.."SUMMER"...Yay!....Unfortunately here in NZ it is Autumn and absolutely pouring with rain outside but I definitely feel cheered up with all those lovely colours and patterns in your show home.

Lee :)
Look at you! So darling. And look at that room! Hope you share more pics for the little people in OH ;)
Kathy said…
You look fab...love all the color !
Dean Farris said…
Scot, you look great! Love the shades.

Merlin said…
You are ONE colorful character!! That cart raised my spirits!! franki
Unknown said…
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