12 May, 2013

"My Mother's Red Sofa . . . "

(originally posted on Mother's Day 2009)

Greetings and Salutations,

My upbringing was kinda strange, to say the very least.  My father was in the military and I spent the first 11 years of my life traveling around the world.  Being the son of a Southern born, military father had its challenges, but I have a huge respect for my Dad - and for the manners we were expected to display at all times.  I still remember, at a very young age, the first time I answered the phone saying, "Good morning.  Wood residence, Scot speaking," and seeing my Father smile with pride.  

But, this post is about my Mom.  A Southerner as well, she is a gracious, fierce woman.  If my memories of my Dad are about discipline and manners, I remember my Mother for teaching me how to entertain.

My early life, either over-seas or here in the states, involved more cocktail and dinner parties than you can imagine.  I can remember my Mother carefully planning each menu - and almost every Saturday dinner party would involve a Thursday night 'dry-run' when she'd test any new, challenging recipes so that the 'real' party could run smoothly (I still do this . . . lol).  Even from a young age, we were expected to sit down to dinner with the adults and hold our own in the conversation.   Candlelight, sterling silver, delicious meal, three couples - and two children - discussing politics and current events.  It was magical.

But there was more than just hostessing skills in my Mom's bag of tricks.  I firmly believe that there are several genetic qualities I possess from my mother's side of the family.  We all have tiny wrists.  We all have strong muscular jaw lines.  And good lord, we ALL love to shop.  Mother and I still can go on a 3-day antiquing tour through southern Mississippi and Alabama and never show a moment of exhaustion. 

A few years ago, I was having lunch with Mom and my first cousin Ruth.  Ruth was the oldest of my first cousins, and being six years older than me, she always seemed to be fantastically glamorous.  She is, in fact, an amazing woman as well - I think the 'gracious, fierce' thing may be genetic too.  We were talking about the summer that Ruth spent living with us in Los Angeles in the early 70's.  Ruth whispered to me, "And your Mother had that red sofa!  I never knew anyone with a red sofa back at home.  I thought it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen!"

I clearly remember that red sofa.  But, it was part of my 'normal' childhood home, so I never thought it was anything interesting or unusual.  Apparently - my Mother was a gracious, fierce designer as well.  Too often, these qualities are only seen in retrospect.  I see now that she showed me that there was no need to follow any trend.  No need to be true to some 'expected norm.'  Truly, I think she taught me to embrace being an individual.  And to test run any new dishes before serving them to guests.

Happy Mother's Day.



The Bashful Nest said...

The things we learn from our Mothers are mostly the unspoken lessons. My Mom would always do a test run of recipes she was planning for a party too (I do the same ;0) ) My sweet Mom is gone now but she is very much alive in the traditions she passed on to me.

Michelle. thebashfulnest.blogspot.com

WeirdRockStar said...

If one day my son should write with such tact and loving adoration about his mother and upbringing, as you just did... I´d be contented in the knowledge that I succeeded as a mother and a woman.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful recollection of your Mother! You obviously inherited her style and entertaining gene.

Hope you are well and enjoying life!
xoxo Elizabeth

Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

What lovely things to say about your mom. I do believe that entertaining and gracious hosting IS a gene. I would die to have my girls recall my entertaining the way you do your mothers. And I'm sure she thinks just as highly of you :)

Karena said...

Hi Scot, I was thinking today about all that I learned from my dear Mother.She is 83, a saint, as gracious, kind, and generous of spirit that anyone can be.

I can see what your Mother has passed on to you and it is most wonderful!
Love the red leather sofa!

Art by Karena

Casa Vilora Interiors said...

Your mom sounds like an amazing woman.

Merlin said...

And, I LOVE that red sofa!! franki
p.s. I, too, have a red leather (Hancock and Moore) sofa!!

vignette design said...

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I can see where you get your talent! Your mom sounds like an amazing woman. Love that sofa! ~Delores

Jamie said...

love your memories of your mother. she sounds so wonderfully glamorous.

Cynthia said...

What wonderful memories! I can only hope my daughter has such great things to say about me someday! What a lovely family!

The Perfect Life

The View From My Saddle said...

Loved the posts about your mom!
Red upholstery was a bit in during the early 70s because of the Spanish/Mediterranean influence. We had a double red sectional when I was in school and the floor was black and white linoleum--maybe not too cool but somehow lent a festive feeling during the Christmas holiday. Now, with Mackensie-Child, it'd be all the rage. :) jw

Sarah said...

Popped over to this post because it was a link below today's post. We have two red camelback love seats in our living room. Yes, we love to live with color. '-)
Enjoyed this post! Thanks for sharing.

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