17 March, 2013

"Sunday Runway. From the Knees Down . . . "

My newest Stubbs & Wootton - paired with
simple grey worsted wool trousers. 


I thought I might share something a bit more personal as part of our continuing series of posts here about men's (and sometimes women's) fashion.

If you are a follower of mine on Instagram, you'll have noticed a series of images that I've been posting over the last several months of my unending delight with my own footwear.  

So, yes.  I collect shoes.  But, as vices go . . . it really could be much, much worse. 

So, now without any further ado . . . I give you . . . my feet.  

My very first pair of Stubbs & Wootton - from about 20 years ago . . .  paired
with a classic pair of "Nantucket Red" pants.

One of my newer obsessions - Belgian Loafer . . . in navy denim. 

Needlepoint Stubbs & Wootton - purchased last summer in New York after a
particularly tough day on a client's installation.  

Needlepoint "Bees" from Stubbs & Wootton.  Including a
shot of the needlepoint botanical rug in my study.

going 'old school' with some LL Bean rain shoes.  

One of my favourite pairs of Stubbs & Wootton - a Christmas
present from my Mom a few years ago.

A little more from the 'old school' department - vintage Tretorns while
working on a project in Pebble Beach this last winter. 

Sturdy 'double monk straps' from Crockett & Jones in
London.  A regular stop when I'm traveling in England. 

Something a little subversive . . . also from Stubbs & Wootton

Some of the family.  Crockett and Jones.  Ralph Lauren.  Stubbs & Wootton.  

And a quick shot from showcase house this Spring.  There's nothing quite like construction booties to keep you grounded.  lol.  


mrs. V | Chez V said...

I very much look forward to the 'today in footwear news' posts. Much anticipated news indeed.

Squeak said...

I love those Stubbs and Wootton slippers! Yours are gorgeous! I'd have an entire wardrobe of them if I could. But I have very wide feet and I don't think they make them in wide widths.

Tracy@GeneralSplendour said...

I love my Stubbs - the most comfortable shoes to wear without socks! My feet never get sore! I only have one pair: navy velvet with blue and white ginger jars - each shoe is different! I love them. And as far as the Tretorns - I have a collection of those as well - even the ones with the tartan accents! Nothing compares to classic footwear. Love the post! Your houndstooth S & Ws are to die for!

Lee Caroline - A World of Inspiration said...

My gosh you have quite a collection of those gorgeous slippers from Stubbs, I am not sure we have that brand in New Zealand.

I also LOVE! that cherished, weathered with love rug in the first image.

Lee :)

Unknown said...

Fabulous footwear!!! Love the viewpoint, too!

xoxo Elizabeth

Kelly Kole said...

I have a new love and respect for you. LOL. xo Kelly

niartist said...

What size do you wear? Need me to closet-sit the next time you go out of town! LOL!
I've got some photos of my new decor up on the blog - hope you'll stop by and tell me what you think!
Here's to spring!

katiedid said...

I love your collection! We do have a couple things in common: Construction booties. ;)

Anonymous said...

I finally go around to reading your current blogs and noticed this one - wonderful choice of a vice - if one to choose from, shoes/S&W is marvelous!

Don't often see our lovely area mentioned, so when I noticed Pebble Beach I had to comment. If there are any projects you've done down here, we're the better for them and your Stubbs and Wooten's fit right in. Hope you had at least some sunshine when you were here.

Your blog is one of the best, ever. MMR

-Lisa said...

Oh my goodness you are so funny posting pictures of your shoes from that view. Love it! Love your choice of footwear as well.

Your library (in a more recent post) is the exacty look by honey is going for in his home office. Your pics will really help us when we tackle that room. Absolutely gorgeous!

Have a wonderful weekend.
(by the way-I am a new follower :-)

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