"Best Picture . . . "

Miles Redd for Elle Decor
(photography by William Waldron)


After a busy couple of days at the office last weekend - I ended up being about to jaunt down to LA on Monday for  a small part of the Design Bloggers Conference.  It was great seeing friends like Tobi Fairley, Susanna Salk, Bradley Clifford, Charlotte Moss, and Stacy Kunstel in attendance.  The speakers were numerous . . . but, as per usual . . . the topic of 'publication' came up several times from the podium.  Each editor spoke of - "that picture" - the one that inspires the reader.  The one that ends up on everyone's blog.  The one that ends up being posted to most often on Pinterest.  The 'magic' image that conveys all the passion and style of the entire residence in one picture. 

So I began to think about which images that I keep returning to.  The ones that have ended up on my blog and pinterest pages.  The images from magazines that I still possess in their original paper format.  That I can't seem to recycle.  

So here . . . in no particular order are a few of my favourites . . . 

Roger Banks-Pye

Michael S. Smith for Elle Decor
(photography by Simon Upton)
David Linley for House Beautiful
(photography by Christopher Simon Sykes)
Michael Bastian's Apartment
(from Domino Magazine)

Ruthie Sommers
(from Lonny Magazine) 
Tom Bezucha and Sam Hamilton for Elle Decor
(photography by Henry Bourne)
Joe Nye for House Beautiful
(photography by Roger Davies)
Ward Denton Design
(photography by Pieter Estersohn)
Charlotte Moss from Elle Decor
(photography by Pieter Estersohn)
What are some of your favourites?



Kathleen said…
I love your favorites. Each one has a bold statement. The color makes them very grounded and almost cocoon like. That's always a favorite of mine. http://pinterest.com/wrtbp/boards/
I just have a few things posted as my favorites. If I really start working on it I'm afraid I'd never get anything done around here.
Merlin said…
I can see why! franki
April Elizabeth said…
while these rooms are all the lovely I have to admit the first one took my breath away. I love the colors & the cheery mood.
My favorite would have to be Michael Bastian's apartment, I love the gorgeous sash windows, the pictures above draw your eye, showing the great height of the ceiling (I love tall ceilings). I love image as it looks like you could just plonk yourself down on that sofa or in one of the lovely blue and white striped chairs and have a good conversation with friends. The only odd thing about it is the tiny coffee table, but I have a feeling this might have been moved forward from maybe between the chairs as and when needed.....oh! I just read the printed part about that table so ignore this comment :)

I also love the first blue and white image as my living area is all about blue and white Chinese ginger jars.

Thanks for sharing these great pictures. On my blog my readers all seem to rush to anything "French style".

Lee :)
April said…
Scot, I remember seeing Banks-Pye's house in a magazine spread years ago and loved it so much, it inspired my own collection of blue and white and check! Seems like yesterday!

You are so right, though. Some rooms just remain in your head because they're wonderful, inspiring, and usually unique.

April, Just Verte Style
Carmen Bécares said…
Me gusta mucho la 4 fotografía. Tan dramática,tan decadente....
coromoto said…
David Lindley's cosy corner and Mr. Bastien's open-air feeling emanated through the long windows are my favourites. Thank you Scott.

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