"Holiday Inspiration, Rustic Style . . . "


With our exciting holiday decorating contest starting in a few days . . . I thought I would spend a post or two sharing some of my favourite inspiration images to spur your creativity!

from Steve Fuller, our 'best tree' winner from last year 



Gorgeous! That first image is simply breathtaking!
So many beautiful images...the first image is my favorite and congrats to Steve..last year's winner...such a creative idea for the tree...

Hoping to see some good copycats around blogland this year!
You just inspired me to post the pic that was our Christmas card after 9/11…wow!! had sort of forgotten how much that meant to me! Loved your second to the last pic!!!
That next to last photo...tugged at my heart. I am putting a link to this on my facebook page!!
Ann B. Kennedy said…
Marvelous, inviting and inspirational...and the truck is sheer perfection as far as I'm concerned. A couple of dogs, a tree on top, a rough road, perfect!
Good inspiration for us.....I'm gonna copy Steve:)

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