11 July, 2012

"A Light in the Dark . . . "


I've always been a closet-pyromaniac.  Fire delights me.  A lot.  I've never, ever been involved in damaging any kind of property (and the small fire incident in college while lighting farts in a fraternity house were clearly much more closely related to scotch consumption than anything else).  But, when camping I'm always the one that takes responsibility for 'the fire.'  I was a Boy Scout.  I build fires.  I keep fires going.

Maybe my fascination is more about seeing, and forging, a light in the darkness.  Looking for the best in a situation - and hoping that the 'better' will show through the 'worse.'  So with that in mind - let's talk a little about ye olde blog for a moment.

Firstly, I'm seeing a little pattern emerging out of my blog postings from the last several months.  Every time I start writing - I feel like I should say, 'sorry for the erratic updates here on the blog.'  Now, I also notice that I never actually write those very words . . . but, they seem to be hanging over almost everything a write.

The good news is - I'm swamped with work.  Design work here on the west coast.  Projects on the east coast.  And a continuing parade of airports in between.  Photographing projects to update my website, as well as working to get a few projects published.

And more good news - as so often happens, being busy brings you more business.  So on top of my regular projects - I'm working on several big, new ideas that I'm not quite ready to announce yet.  But, be assured - this is where I'll start 'spreading the news' when everything starts coming together.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share this little collection of images.  I've had these pulled together in a 'draft' form for what seems like months . . . and have never quite come up with the best narrative to wrap them in.  But, something about luminescence in the dark delights and inspires me.  How a small germ of an idea can create a glow that can be seen for miles around.  Or tiny sea creatures, robbed of the actual sunlight, produce their own glow in direct opposition to the darkness that surrounds them.

And sometimes it's good to see things in perspective.  Most everything seems different when seen from a great distance.  It also helps me to understand where all this excitement is leading.

So the lights are still on here at tartanscot.  Though, often times there's not been anyone home - lol.  And I appreciate those of you who leave comments - or the many of you who come by to check in on my little life . . .



An Urban Cottage said...

I don't know why our blogs become an obligation. I think it's just the pressure we put on ourselves to achieve. I guess that's what makes us so great. But it doesn't always make things easy. It's also summertime. There are better things to do than blogging when the weather is so nice.

Congratulations for being busy; that's awesome! We'll be here whenever you have time to share.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Urban Cottage. I think less is more in this scenario. We appreciate the beauty and perspective you provide through you blog, so heap the pressure on yourself and no apologies! However, I am going to press you for details on the awesomeness that seems to be popping up for you in work. Details! Details!!! :)

Vickie H. said...

Totally agree with An Urban Cottage! Rock on, my dear...we will be here, waiting. And I can't resist saying that the little blurb about insanity in college could have been omitted all the same....!

mrs. V | Chez V said...

I, for one, am glad that ye old lights are still on AND someone's still home. No pressure. We love you all the same in large doses and small.

Merlin said...

Oh, my, have you ever seen
Bioluminescent plankton?? We were at a wedding at Stinson Beach and after some (a lot) of that scotch we walked to the ocean and...there it was...magnificent! Keep the home fires burning!! franki

carolyn bradford said...

I think a lot of us are feeling the same way! And…it's making me realize just how much pressure I really do put on myself! I for one have just found your blog in the last few months so I'm looking very forward to keeping up with it and hearing about your projects! Send some our way down in Birmingham, Al!!! I can tell it's about to pick up but boy…this has been a slow summer at the shop! Not slow in life…just in business! Thanks for sharing your thoughts…AND your college exploits! I'm moving my youngest into his apartment in a few weeks at Auburn! I can only imagine those same stories!!

The French Tangerine said...

I too have posts that sit in waiting in draft form, waiting to be finished and published. I love this post! And I love that you referenced the fact that it sat in waiting. We save images for some reason.. they say something to us.. and I do love when we can finally click "publish"!

Unknown said...

Keep fires going is the main issue of life. And always look for things in a distance... to understand them ;)

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Rick said...

Gorgeous images. Thanks for sharing.
Always pleased when I see a new post.

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