"A Book Give-Away . . . "


I had the great privilege of receiving an advance copy of an amazing new book from Kathryn Crisp Greeley entitled "The Collected Tabletop, Inspirations for Creative Entertaining."  A vast array of images of Kathryn's amazing table settings and inspirations for great parties and entertaining.  I've pulled a few images to highlight - but, seriously, the entire book is a treasure trove of beautiful images and menu ideas - the perfect thing to get all of your creative juices flowing.

The good news - I have an extra copy to give-away to one of my lucky readers - so, just leave a comment here about one of your favourite parties - and I'll announce the winner (from a random drawing) on Monday October 17th.


(Kathryn was kind enough to send me a free copy of her book to use as the give-away)


Claudia Fabiana said…
So lovely! Thanks for sharing...

Vickie H. said…
OMG! That tartan plaid tablecloth is breathtaking!!! Beautiful table! Can't WAIT to see the rest of this book!! I have such a weakness for tabletop decor. When it comes to decorating my table for a specific holiday, however, I must vote for Christmas....so many choices for incorporation! Thank you for hosting this giveaway, Scot! I would LOVE to win this book!
niartist said…
Hi Scot!
I'd love to have my name thrown in the hat for this extra copy. I need some inspiration this Holiday Season - this sounds like just the ticket! :)
Splendid Sass said…
Would love to have a copy of this book. Looks fabulous!
My tennis team parties have always been my favorite. I serve heavy hors d'oeuvres and different wines.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos! My favorite party was my 50th birthday (planned by me)just a few close friends, husband and 2 girls. gold rimmed champagne glasses, champagne, Real linen table linens, flowers and smiles! Thanks for sharing all ofyour beauty! Donna Washburn dwashburn@flagler.edu
Oh this book looks fantastic! I do love game themed dinners. I think one of the most delicious meals I've ever served was for christmas eve... Quail lasagna! It's a white lasagna with spinach and mushrooms and quail with a marinara sauce poured over the top.... What a hit that was!
Unknown said…
Not sure I could call to mind a favorite party, though I have two most memorable ones. The first, when I was newly married, I bought ladyfinger cookies rather than ladyfingers to make a Chocolate Rum Charlotte, in part because I couldn't locate the latter. In the process of getting the cookies malleable enough to line the mold, I ended up dousing them in rum rather giving them the sprinkling they should have had. It was a memorable dessert!
The other memorable party was not long after that, when I was, again young and ambitious, and I double stuffed a turkey for Thanksgiving squeezing multiple family members into the living and dining room of our tiny house.
Whitney said…
What a great give-away! Pages and pages of yummy entertaining inspiration; yes please!

My favourite party was a small dinner party I hosted for my parents, the first time they visited our NYC apartment (my first 'proper' home). I served butternut squash chowder inside hollowed-out acorn squash 'bowls,' followed by pork loin with roasted root veggies. Simple and hearty, but a proud entertaining moment for me at the time.

Great post Scot! Cheers,
Whitney from Consider Yourself At Home
Great book to treasure. My favorite party? One at a Cambridge college many (too many) years ago, during May-Week, it lasted until breakfast at Ely and we had famous bands playing all night.
Deb's mind said…
I just got some new china for the holidays. I can't wait to use it and MIX things up. Love your blog. I love your images. They are always the best.
YONKS said…
Most memorable dinner party was when a friend who worked at the House of Lords in London invited me as a guest to a dinner there, then proceeded to put my Pagan arse on the line when she invited me to say grace. The only thing that I could think to say was "Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub". Suffice to say, I was never asked back.

Would love this book. Loving your blog.
Di :-)
Anita Diaz said…
I am so very happy to find your blog!! I am in the same WNC as Ms. Greeley. What an incredible talent she is. I would love to win this book!!
Mimi said…
We used to have the best dinner parties in Hong Kong! We would pack up great food, linens, china, flowers, the works, and head for the boat and some great isolated spot where we could enjoy an evening away from the hustle and bustle of the city!
Dear Mr. Tartanscott.
I am a proud reader of your fantastic blog. Need a daily dose of "Tartanscot" to feel good.
I'm about to start an interior decorating shop, and also do some home styling assignments.
So as you see, I really need some inspiration - the book longs to Sweden! The pictures make me excited already.

/ / Christopher
Unknown said…
I remember a particular "Highland Christmas" last year with great fondness.... :)
Anonymous said…
My favorite dinner parties are the ones that are spontaneous and I "just do it." I received my first set of china when I was in 5th grade, and my love for setting the table has never waned.
Small formal dinner party in winter with lots of candlelight and place cards so couples get mixed up. Love to introduce a fun topic at some point so everyone joins in, like Favorite read in the last year, etc.
Gabe said…
I would LOVE to win this book! My favorite parties are always the ones that are spur of the moment and on a whim. Sometimes it's best not to overthink things, and just let my creative juices flow quick:)
Marlis said…
Thank you for hosting this most gracious giveaway.. How exciting this is.. i love everything tabletop!
Oh gosh, my favorite - must it be one? I love to set the table for Christmas, the grands birthdays, a special meal, company, no company..
thanks again and good luck to all..
Gail said…
Hello Scott,

My favorite dinner party was hosted by my mom and aunts the night before I married my husband, a Scot. I wanted a dinner held at home, not at a restaurant. The food was absolutely fabulous. An event that set the stage for our tartan inspired wedding the next day.



PS. I so enjoy your blog!!!
My favourite party was the night before I was to be married, my youngest son made us the most the fabulous meal. He tried so hard and it was full of love and great taste. It was a fine meal. Everyone enjoyed the hard work that they had put into it. We still talk about it today. Brett we love you for being so loving and kind.
Lauren Johnson said…
I would love to see a copy of this book!! I am entering a tablescape contest this year, and my theme is tartan-chic, oh how this would inspire me!

Thanks for the giveaway, love love love your blog!
Peggy in Atlanta said…
Parties are so fun especially if its a special occasion! My 20 something children are attending lots of engagement parties...loving all themes.
Would love to win!
Thanks for the give-away.
Merlin said…
Count me in! One of my favs was hosting a pre-dance dinner (Doc Scantlon!) for eight and covering the table with old sheet music and using a disco ball (plus flowers) for a centerpiece. Everyone got a minature disco ball ornament ($ Store) to take and we had a "ball!" :-D franki fmparde@gmail.com
R. Scott said…
I like having dessert parties - I have a thing for antique sterling pastry forks, and worn Old Paris porcelain plates. Monogrammed double-damask napkins are good too. Hmmm. maybe it's time to bake something. Any requests?
Anonymous said…
Oh I love the Scottish menu, I think I'll recreate it for a non traditional Thanksgiving!
Karen T. said…
This looks like a book I could sit and enjoy for hours! Please put my name in the hat to win it!

Cat Carpenter said…
Scot - Thanks for the giveaway. My favorite party always seems to be my last one. It was my book club party that I hosted to discuss a very British novel, "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand". I made triangular Union Jack Flag garland for decor, lovely tea sandwiches and scones with clotted cream to eat and I made a cake frosted in huge cream-colored roses for dessert. We had a great time!
jane said…
This book has my name written all over it! My favorite party was just 2 weeks ago for my husbands birthday. It was a wine dinner. My friend posted pics here
As you can see from these pics I am crazy about tabletop decorating. Love your blog!!
The best parties I've either hosted or been to seem to be the ones where we run out of champagne! (not that we didn't have an ample supply to begin with)!
Scottish Gamekeepers dinner sounds right up my alley.
Karena said…
Scot how wonderful & would love this book.

My favorite parties have been around family.

Just had my nieces wedding shower and yes, we had to run out for more champagne!!


Art by Karena
Karen said…
I love entertaining and had noticed this book on display at Rogers Gardens...love the images you've posted. I'd love to win!

My favorite party (as far as table setting) was a time when I used my (newly inherited) Grandmother's china which is cream colored with violets, I was able to make a table runner with a subtle violet pattern and had Rogers Gardens plant a cream colored planter with violets, ivy and maiden hair fern. It was lovely (if I do say so myself) and very memorable to me due to the china my Grandma left me.
P.S. Have you ever considered publishing a book of the rooms you've designed...they are usually some of my favorite rooms!
Allyson Connelly said…
I love your style! One of my favorite parties I cleared my living room and put two long tables together to form a square. I rested the tables on blocks so that they would be low to the floor and covered them in black table linens. I then built the frame for an outdoor shade tent over the table, leaving off the tent part to hang paper lanterns with lights over the table. The colors were hot pink, orange, lime green and turquoise. We ate take out Chinese food in this fun setting.
guildencrantz said…
One of my favorite parties was actually an underground tea in London: a group of strangers sitting around a table drinking exotic blends, eating delectable pastries, and exchanging stories. A friend and I are planning to do the same in our town. This book would add a little inspiration to our table settings!

Also, I am wondering if you are on Pinterest; I'd love to follow you. I have a tartan board there:

Anonymous said…
Oh my---it looks like Win or not, I'm adding another book to my collection!
I always think the best parties are in the company of family and friends!
Rashon Carraway said…
The Holidays are upon us. I could certainly use this!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting
Mary Catherine said…
What a beautiful book! Thanks for thinking of your readers!
D.B. said…
Hi, hello. I want this book.
D.B. said…
oops....I forgot to tell you my favorite party is a tie between the Snapped Marathon party for Halloween and the Wild, Cool and Swinging Christmas party - you had to be there - very kitschy!
Hey Y'all -

I'm LOVING hearing about everyone's favourite parties! Keep 'em coming . . .

Linda in AZ * said…
*** Hi, Scot and THANK YOU for offering your extra copy to a lucky reader of yours!!!

I'm a TABLESETTING NUT...yes, N*U*T!!! I could set a different type of table everyday, & never stop having FUN & never run thru all the pieces I have collected thru the years we lived in Europe, and in many different states here in America! My ONLY PROBLEM IS, our guests D*O need to be fed!!! Yikes!!! (THAT'S SOOOO "not important" to moi... I just like making everything beautiful & everyone happy but yes, I DO present a great meal (or so I'm told!)...

ONE of my FAVE tables was while we were living in KS. We hosted a formal dinner for four men (& their wives) w/ whom my husband hunted, & we were, & still ARE, reeeeally good friends for many years! I played w/ several settings, & finally decided upon my Spode hunting dishes as the dinner dish...then I played w/ other, NON-matchy pieces to complete the dish part... I then mixed it all w/ WONDERFUL antique antler knives from Austria, old silver, non-matching napkin ring holders, a "hunter-like" plaid for my tablecloth, Grama's monogrammed napkins (as well as several OTHER "rustic" items that looked like they belonged "in an old castle")~~~ Mixing porcelain birds, pheasant feathers, fruits n' veggies, tons of candles & a few "verrrry interesting items" on the large dinner table, using fried grasses as a foundation, really hyped everyone up, & made for SUCH a glorious, fun, relaxing evening!!! The smallish table I set up for brandy w/ coffee by the fire afterwards, had a sentimental taxidermied pheasant... the last one our beloved hunting dog had retrieved before he later died (5 years earlier, & two of the men present were there then on that hunt.

We A*L*L enjoyed it, if the Thank You notes are any indication... and, I LOVED doing it for my husband and his/our dear friends... (NOT "business" related!!!)...

Warmest regards,
Linda in AZ *
Ms. Smart said…
The first time I hosted a dinner party and used my ex's grandmother's hand-etched pink and clear crystal glasses coupled with the ivory, gold leaf and black patterned bone china, I saw a ghost.

It was the departed grandmother. She liked that I was enjoying and using her china via a fancy dinner party.

It was kinda scary but kinda cool. Boo!
Anonymous said…
Love your blog, and would love to win a copy of the book! My favorite dinner party took place a few years ago at my sister and brother-in-law's chalet in the hunt country of northern Virginia. We are all huge anglofiles (they are Scots) and we decided to have a 'Balmoral' themed Christmas....much tartan, stag horns, pheasant feathers, fine crystal and silver on the table. Dinner was by candlelight followed by Balmoral themed gifts...barbour scarfs, hunter wellington boots, smoked kippers and salmon. It was a most enjoyable affair!
Susan P said…
What a beautiful book! My favorite is our Kentucky Derby party.....lots of beaten biscuits, ham and bourbon...
katiedid said…
I am in need of some inspiration for the Holiday Season, so throw my crocheted hat in the ring!! These are lovely lovely!
Cynna said…
The book looks lovely--I would love to read it!
A favorite party...years ago a dear friend's birthday party at Le Club (NYC). I was seated between two "It Boy" novelists. Great conversation, good food, divine atmosphere, delicious champagne, and music to dance to all night long.
Lrenae206 said…
I love this blue and white china stable setting. We've just hired an architect to design my dream kitchen. My favorite dinner party is the one I haven't hosted yet – but I'm already planning.
Leslie said…
Love your site and your blog, Scot, so I jumped at the chance to comment on this post - what a gorgeous book!

My favorite parties (there isn't a most favorite, to be honest) were (and still are) always at my home in the country in upstate NY with good friends, great food (I cooked), and talking about horses, riding. I have accumulated a healthy collection of hunting and horse-themed items, accented with classic country linens (usually with a rich red or dark blue fabric) and associated accoutrements. The dinner menus are/were most always typical "hunt breakfast" fare - a formula I learned after attending many such occasions - a main dish entree (usually a great, hearty stew of some sort), a "starch" (rice or pasta, occasionally potatoes) and a leafy green salad. Of course, some easy to prepare tasty starters to begin and something simple but sweet for dessert, lots of good wine, and coffee or tea to finish complete the menu. It's a tried-but-true formula and always leaves guests well stuffed and happy.

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