"National Tartan Day, 2011 . . . "

Me, in all my tartan glory.

For those of y'all who are regular readers - you'll know that we do things big and plaid here each year on April 6th.  The date was chosen as "National Tartan Day" for those of us of Scottish descent to celebrate our highland heritage.  If you hear bagpipes in the distance, it might just be me!

And as usual, I've decided to embrace the day and post a flurry of my favourite plaid images - enjoy . . .

Polo/Ralph Lauren
Barrie Benson, from Domino Magazine
(photo credit - Laura Resin)
SMW Design, Holiday 2008
"Plaid is the New Black" featuring my home and some good friends
My Own Bedroom.  
(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)
The Draper's Kitchen, from Mad Men.
The late Alexander McQueen and Sarah Jessica Parker.
Summer Thornton, Chicago 
SMW Design, San Francisco
(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)

My own home - dressed for dinner,  Holiday 2009
From Country Living
(photo credit - Keith Scott Morton)

Michael Bastian, one of my favourite Menswear designers

Charlotte Moss, for Elle Decor
(photo credit - Pieter Estersohn)

SMW Design, San Francisco.  Holiday 2010
(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)

And the now, ubiquitous image of tartan sheep.
You might also enjoy "National Tartan Day" posts from previous years.  Here's 2010 and 2009.



Hahhaa.. these sheep! I can't believe. Love the car too! So adorable!

You're looking terrific! Gorgeous and fun post, Scot!

Enjoy your day!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com
Sue said…
Happy National Tartan Day to you! As a fairly new reader, not familiar with NTD, I have been waiting for your post and you did not disappoint. I have linked this post from my blog.

I am working on a tartan guest room and will try to join in on NTD fun next year.
Vickie H. said…
Just a spectacular post!!!! As always, the pics of your home are my absolute faves (but the camper interior done in plaid definitely had me laughing out loud!). Beautifully done, my dear.
Pigtown*Design said…
Ugh... wearing tweed, not tartan today. should i go home and change?
Maggie O said…
Fabulous...happy tartan day!!
Meg - go home immediately and change! lol.

Vicki - thank you!

Sue - thanks for reading - and yes, please join in the fun next year!

Luciane - I find new images of the sheep every year. I LOVE them . . . lol.
David said…
Beautiful post! I love the image of Alexander McQueen and SJP...so chic...Great job Scot!
Victoria said…
Bravo!!Love this post! love the car and the upholstered eastlake headboard OMG!!
For the coming year I will start collecting images like you and Delores very very well done.

Hubby will get a hoot out of the sheep(looking for a sheep farm in Western North Carolina Mountains)
vignette design said…
Great post Scot. Happy Tartan Day to you! Come see my post if you find a break in the day's festivities!
Love that photo of the inside of the camper. I took that photo from Romancing the Plaid book. Isn't it amazing? The husband and wife team of ANTA did that to take to a fabric trade show. Enjoy your special day.
PS: I linked back to you in my post, just in case my readers needed more of a tartan fix! haha
quintessence said…
Love it all!! Someday I hope to have a tartan filled library. In the meantime, I will be living vicariously through your tartan patterned glasses!!
Look at those sheep! Fun post as always. Happy Tartan Day too.

Sarah said…
Scot, kudos for another fabulous Tartan Day post! I was sooooo honored that you stopped by for tea and left a thoughtful comment @ HFTS. You made this fan happy! ;-)
Favorites from this post: You, in all your tartan glory, SJP & A. McQueen, your holiday tables, and of course, the tartan sheep! Thank you for sharing one and all. It's always a delight to visit here.
I've added a link to this post on my Tartan Day Tea to spread the word of Tartan Day.
Happy Tartan Day! ~ Sarah
Belle de Ville said…
Wonderfull images all,especially the Ralph Lauren ad, the tartan mini and your dining table.
Happy Tartan Day!
Daniel Shigo said…
Love it, love it, love it!
Kasia _ JACOB said…
:) Happy Tartan Day. I like the picture of Scottish blue "skirts" :). I love the Ralph Lauren wallpaper, often ordering them to our customers. They look beautiful.

Happy day, Catherine
Happy Tartan Day!! I love the row of cobalt kilts. Glorious post ; )
Unknown said…
Happy Tartan Day!
So many lovely images. I especially love the one of you guys laughing & all the ones of your home.

I need to figure out a way to work tartan into our beach/nautical decor here. And how can I convince my Polish husband to wear a kilt? lol
Unknown said…
Happy Tartan Day!
I adore these vibrant colors, the spirit and your wonderful home! What's not to love? All those strong male legs....
My living room is strong enough to hold a tartan plaid or two....I'll think about it for winters to come!
Great inspiration!
Happy Tartan day! The sheep are hilarious and the picture of you with your friends just precious.
D.B. said…
Drooling, drooling, drooling. So many tartans, so little time! Happy Tartan Day and thanks for the eye candy!
Jennifer said…
Lovely post...Happy Tartan Day! I must get to Scotland!!
thanks for the inspiration!
Slainte! Jennifer
Happy Tartan Day - All the best to you!
Babs said…
Happy Tartan Day! Great post full of every tartan possible. Love the holiday photos most and, of course, those funny tartan sheep.
Yum. What a day, indeed! Love it.
Happy Tartan Day, Scot! I ahve to say you look MAHVELOUS, darlin! All clean shaven and hair slicked back, it is a GOOD look for you! Loved the pics of your home, the car and the SHEEP! Adorable! Loved SJP and A. Mc Queen too, like you said SO chic! XO, Pinky
a good tartan day fete indeed! all the kilt snaps elicit drooling. ditto for your home, remember voting for your bedroom way back....still breathtaking
Thank you to everyone to your comments . . . it's been an excellent Tartan Day!

Diane said…
Happy Tartan Day Scot. Love the sheep...how do they grow them like that? (just kidding and no I am not a dumb blonde!)
Lisa McGee said…
What wonderful images love the camper and the sheep and loads more. Glad you decided to celebrate the day in style! Love it!
Anonymous said…
I agree with Pinky. You are the best picture. Great look for you.
Unknown said…
I'm a few days behind, but Tartan happy none the less! With my Scotland roots this is something I realize I have not been embracing enough!

Your bedroom - drop dead amazing. And, that Tartan party from Rue is begging to be recreated. Hmmmm....it's never too early to start planning one!

May you have a perfectly plaid weekend!
xo Elizabeth
Claudia Juestel said…
Happy National Tartan Day Scot!

What wonderful examples.

Love that tented Airstream, and the sheep are just precious.

I just remembered the tartan wall-covering I installed in a small bathroom years ago. I'll send you a picture.


Diva Dani said…
Dear Scot,

I find your overuse of the treasured tartan pattern both self-serving (in that it allows one to wear virtually any color shoe, sock or cravat) and exploitative to Scottish heritage here and across the pond - nay, the globe. Would you be so quick to celebrate your Scot-ness if the tartan were replaced with, say, a mas of orange and green jumbo dots against a turquoise and magenta background of horizontal stripes? I thought not.

You and your one-T'ed name should be ashamed of yourselves!

P.S. I tried to sign up for a new account so I could use the screen name "TartanThunder" for this post, but it was taken...
Just so nothing gets started here - "Diva Dani" is a dear friend of mine (to the point that I was the organist at her wedding!) - and she's just giving me a hard time - lol.

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