"Meanwhile, Out by the Beach . . . "


There's another grey, gloomy Saturday dawning just outside my bedroom window. Another harsh day of rain? Or just chilly and windy? Or conversely, there could be blinding sunshine before I can even finish writing this post. Such are the weather patterns out here near the beach in San Francisco.

So I'm heading where I know the sun is warm and shining. Out to a clear, bright summer's day in Southampton New York. And the bright, charming work of interior designer Ashley Whittaker.

Love. Love. Love. The soothing shade of blue. The great mix of
patterns. And the half-tester over the bed giving a
sense of intimacy in the spacious room.

"I wanted to use some serious furniture shapes and a few
antiques in the living room of this house, but I wanted
to have fun with the fabrics and color."
-Ashley Whittaker

And this little corner of the dining room. I love seeing these little 'micro' images of what are clearly large, dramatic spaces. It's like a little short film. A 2 minute documentary. And you have a complete sense of the entire space - because of the colour of those two garden stools under the console. And the great shade of the dining chair upholstery. The hint of the coral chandelier in the top right corner. And the Quadrille textile on the walls - one of the big stars of this little piece of cinema.

Okay, this room totally blows me away. Starting with the rich warm colour - and that amazing China Seas textile on the window treatment. And clearly, not forgetting the great use of white lattice to give this sunroom the perfect setting. And I love seeing the more formal dining room in the adjacent space. You just know that this is where everyone ends up after dinner. Laughing and relaxing.

More great textiles. More great colours. More great sunlight.

Well, it does look like it's starting to clear up a bit here. And i promised myself that I would go to the beach and workout. And give my recovering shoulder a little exercise. (Just a little exercise I said. lol)

Don't forget the sunscreen,

Photography by Eric Piasecki


Kifus said…
Hi Scot. I'm not a wallpaper fan but that white and blue bedroom by Ashley Whittaker is lovely.
Hope your shoulder is better.
Have a sunny weekend!
Echos of Sister Parish in Maine. Beautiful.
I am so happy to see the new resurgence of wallpaper.

SPF 100 for me!
Gwen Driscoll said…
Love Aahley's work. Thanks for sharing.
vicki archer said…
These rooms are most definitely where I would like to be on a rainy, grey day...xv
Anonymous said…
Ashelys work is awesome!! Love the shades of grey / blue... and the orange pictures... Amazing as usual!
Oh my goodness --- LOVE the lattice. It reminds me of Marina Rust's home in Maine that was published by Vogue awhile back. Simply stunning. Whittaker is such a talent! XO
The use of the lattice work in the Sun room is genius!
Thanks (as always) for sharing!

David @ Ashfield Hansen Design
I love her use of color! That bedroom looks so soothing.
Blog Author(s) said…
I like your blog very much. When I check blogs each day, it is yours that I hope has been updated. I love plaid & practically everything that catches your eye. May your 2010 be wonderful, leaving you plenty of time to blog.
Sassy Steals said…
My favorite room was the Dining Room
by John Jacob Interiors! Absolutely Stunning!!!
margot said…
totally digging the lattice wall treatment. Coincidentally I'm currently planning a story for STYLE AT HOME with a lattice wall treatment. Will send pics or a PDF when it's done!
Margot -

That lattice is just glorious. . . and totally makes that space some alive. can't wait to see your article . . . send me a copy!


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