05 January, 2010

"Wait. What Smells . . . "


I can't smell. Maybe we've covered this here - maybe not - can't quite recall. It's a condition that runs on my mother's side of the family. Mom can't smell. I believe my great-aunt Mary couldn't smell either. People always ask how it has affects my ability to taste - and since I've never been able to smell - I don't have any point of reference. But, it's never really bothered me. And as handicaps go - it's not too much to complain about. I DO love when my mom hands me something as ask, "What does this smell like?" "Wait, you can't smell either." "Sorry."

But my ongoing challenge has always been buying cologne and scented candles. I usually shop with my great friend Kelly - who has an immense vocabulary - and can describe smells in an amazing way - that I'm able to understand. And I thought he had a rare gift - until my other friend Mark began telling me about the "CB I Hate Perfume" boutique in Brooklyn.

(Click for a complete description of the collection)

The best part are the descriptions. Seriously. "Gathering Apples" - Macintosh apples with a hint of old weathered wood. "To See a Flower" - delicate spring flowers, green shots, wet dirt, and a bit of moss. And my favourite "In the Library" - the scent of English novels, Russian and Moroccan leather, worn cloth, and a hint of wood polish." Yay.

Click here for the complete website. If nothing else, it's GREAT reading.



La Petite Gallery said...

My Dear Young man,
I just left my young friend here in Maine, she has the same problem. Her husband said one day he walked into the kitchen and there was a fire on the stove and she didn't smell it, so be careful. I make the same mistake with her like saying, this restarant smells funny. I'll check out the places you gave.
My Daughter Renee just bought me a bottle of JOY.

Mark said...

I'm glad this was a hit! I spent two hours and a fair chunk of Christmas money at their Brooklyn boutique, and would do it again in a heartbeat. Magical scents... Wild Hunt, Eternal Return, Burning Leaves, Butter Lettuce, A Room with a View, "deconstructed" gingerbread...

Ashfield Hansen Design Inc. said...

Thanks for the source! One of my favorite things to do is shop for scents, and it sounds fantastic!
David @ Ashfield Hansen Design

Anonymous said...

lovely site. But you must try to smell Royal Apothic. Our plaid ribbon on Edwardian Fireplace is right up your alley! :-)

La Maison Fou said...

Nice scents; thank you for the scentsational referral!

donna baker said...

This a first for me. I've never heard of the lack of smelling. I would love to hear more about it. Love the plaid jacket.

Toad said...

What incredible descriptions! I hope they infact smell as good as they sound. Thanks for a great referal.

Cote de Texas said...

i can't imagine! never herad of this either except when you have a cold. poor baby!!!

Things That Inspire said...

When I was a child, my sister and I would have ridiculous discussions about whether we would rather be blind or deaf, if we had to choose. I always picked deaf - I could not imagine a world in which I couldn't see. Could I imagine a world in which I couldn't smell? Yes - but truthfully, as others have noted, I have never heard of this situation.

I love it when creative people come up with ways to describe things sensed with words - like the shop you mentioned, and paint companies with their names (Farrow & Ball is particularly good). Other companies go the opposite route and just number their fragrances and colors so as not to influence the impression.

Good thoughts on a Wednesday morning!

Dragonfly said...

I just discovered you last week and am thoroughly enjoying reading your postings. I have one sense that seems to be OVER-developed... my vision, of course! The rest of my senses seem to report in with much less data. Perhaps that is the same with most of us that put so much effort into what we see. My husband is always complaining about barking dogs and other noises but I never notice them. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. Keep looking!

Lisa said...

Scot, thanks for the great link! I wonder if they have sample cards, that would be great for those of us who live in places where the candle shops only sell cutesy country cottage crap! I hold my breath when walking by.
Oh how I miss the big city....sorry I tend to whine a bit when the cold temps set in.
xo Lisa

Covetable said...

Scot - I can't wait to check out the website. It's good to be checking back in with you.

Renae said...

So sorry Scot...but you are right about the descriptions of things, too funny.
Thanks for the website, will check it out!

So you can't smell, I'll bet not many can sing as you do!


GrannySmithGreen said...

Here's what I'm dreaming of:
Wild Hunt, Burning Leaves, and a hit of In the Library! Yum! Oh, I wish you could smell it--but I know you can SEE it!

columnist said...

This is truly interesting. My father has always maintained that "he has no sense of smell", and like you we were always surprised, (sceptical) by how that might affect his taste. Clearly we doubting Thomases were unaware of this. So thanks for clarifying. I've added you to my my blog reads, as clearly you are deserving, muchachos.

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