"Party, party, and party . . . "

Me and the girls . . . .

Greetings All,

Thanks to one and all for the amazing event Friday evening to celebrate the launch of "Scot Meacham Wood Design." After a somewhat gruesome day of last-minute errands and a serious case of blustery weather - the skies cleared - and a beautiful star-lit night hovered overTherien & Co. as the crowd began to gather. Great friends. New friends. Beautiful antiques. Amazing furniture. Uproarious laughter. Some serious partying. And some seriously yummy food.

I need to send out a huge 'thank you' to Therien & Co. for hosting the event (as well as being one of my favourite resources!), Joe - the wonder-chef, Bret Bussey for the design of the new website, Georg Lester and his handy camera, and the wonderful folks who were able to come out and party!

Surveying the gathered crowd.

"My, these are beautiful." I think everyone enjoyed shopping
through Therien & Co. during the party.

Sally Swing and Richard Finch

Chipper Joseph and myself

Eric, Sandra from Wroolie, and the ever wonderful John from Therien & Co.

Diana from Wroolie and myself.

Lauren from McRae and Company

You people should know better than to say, "Speech, speech, speech!" around me.

I was so pleased to see my dear friend Claudia Juestel out in the crowd.

And the star of the evening - Joe, the most amazing caterer I know.

Thanks again to each of you - including you fine folks out there in 'blog-land.' It's been such a delight having y'all in my life and encouraging me in each of my new endeavors.



Unknown said…
looks like a great event, scot! congrats!
It looks like you had a wonderful evening. I wish so badly that I had been able to make it! I was there in spirit! Way to go SMW Design! We are so proud of you!

(and the smashing outfit, my friend! Love it!)
So sorry we had to miss it...Looking forward to catching up with you soon!

David @ Ashfield Hansen Design
katiedid said…
I wsa thinking of you all night! I wish I could have been there, and was planning on it, as you know! (things are a little too chaotic on the home front at the moment....will explain another time). I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful evening. It looks as if you did! I am so very happy for you and am going to spend a nice quiet moment to look at your gorgeous new website!!
thanks everyone - it truly was a GREAT evening . . .

margot said…
belated congrats on the exciting new chapter. Looks like it was a fabuloso event. cheers!
Unknown said…
Good things happen to good people.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you and yours!

prashant said…
I wish so badly that I had been able to make it! I was there in spirit!

Web hosting india
tommy krupp and i really tried to make the event, life is just too busy this time of year.

looked upwards on your night and the chicago sky was sparkly, thought of you and hoped your evening was as beautiful....glad to see it was!
you are too fabulous.
i wish i were there!

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