"The Art of Living . . ."

Charlotte Moss

Good afternoon,

Just getting back into the office from a very long (and very productive) meeting at the house in the east bay . . . so finally letting my brain take a little rest - and getting some much needed food in my system . . . lol.  It's always such a delight to work on a project when the client is SO decisive.  We made important progress.  But that's not the only good news today.

As I'm perusing my calendar for the next few days . . . there it is . . . my invitation . . . just a tiny bit over 24 hours away.  "The Art of Living" - a conversation with Charlotte Moss at Gumps in San Francisco.  Yay!  I cannot wait to meet her and hear her inspiring words.  (Oh, and what the heck am I going to wear?!)

"... our objects, bibelots, whatnots, and knickknacks - say 
the most about who we are. They are as honest as a diary."
- Charlotte Moss

So excited,


Charlotte is a complete delight to hear in person. You will have so much fun. Wear colour.
You are going to give all of us a detailed account of your wonderful evening, aren't you? With a picture of the two of you, so we can see what you both wore.

Have fun!
I heard her speak here in Charlotte last spring, her talk on inspriration was fantastic.
Jealous I tell you, just jealous! I'm sure it will be delightful!
Anonymous said…
going green with envy!!

such a beautiful blog!!
Unknown said…
I too am green with envy. I have a scrapbook filled with goals that I want to accomplish and Mrs Moss is on the inside cover. She is amazingly talented. Her townhouse is stunning, full of world treasures and objects, and I hope to have one day the level of class, sophistication and design dominance she has!

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