01 July, 2009

"All Outdoors . . . "

Greetings all,

I'm still reflecting on my *very* rural trip up to the mountains - camping and rafting all of last weekend. And I feel like I need to keep that quiet, lazy part of my existence going . . . lol. So here's a flurry of 'relaxing country weekend' shots that are making me smile (and breathe) whilst in the middle of a very busy work week.

Oh, by the way, there was a little bit more than 'just relaxing' over the weekend. lol.

who wouldn't want to spent the afternoon here . . .
(and I love seeing the "wired for sound" speakers in this lazy corner of the porch!)

. . . or sipping iced tea (or maybe even something a little stronger!) listening to the breeze drifting by, and the gentle sounds of nature . . .

And I'm loving these new textiles from Mokum. Inspired by the colours and textiles of Australia. Such great bright shades!

from the Mokum website : "Australian Botanicals Outdoor" textiles are a collection of outdoor jacquards with a coordinating plain, woven in unique color combinations that embody the relaxed culture and clean light of Australia. The palette also reflects the native landscape, with soft eucalyptus greens, crisp aquas, ocean blues and the warm rust tones of the Outback.

More great fabrics from Mokum's "Australian Botanical" collection in a clean modern palette. I'm always so amazed at the progress being made with outdoor fabrics. Gone are the days of stiff, boardy textiles that you would never want to relax with. Not only are these new fabrics lovely - they are so yummy and comfortable.

Hangin' in there,


Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

There is something extra special about weekends in the mountains in the summer time... no matter which mountains! I'd love to be in that hammock!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I'm crazy for that outdoor fabric line. Looking forward to checking it out. What a great trip you had!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Love the Australian Botanicals. Very fresh and clean.

I think my center of balance is nutty. I seem to have to work really hard not to fall out of a hammock.

Wishing you a lovely 4th!

Renée Finberg said...

your adventure looked like loads of fun.

and the rustic images are great too.
thanks xx

Alicia said...

Love the b&w fabrics..off to check it out. Thank you dear sir for the intro & so glad you came home with all your limbs.
Happy Fourth to you!!!!

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