10 June, 2009

"Hey Mr. Postman . . . "

Good morning,

I'm not in any way ashamed to admit how much I love getting presents - lol - and yesterday was no exception - and packages full of plaid only highlight the giddiness. The gracious and wonderful GrannySmithGreen sent an adorable collection of tartan ties ("one for winter. one for summer. one for fun") in appreciation of the great time we had working together on her recent post "Inside the Designer's Studio" over on GSG.

Thank you SO much for the thoughtful gift.



Sandra said...

Perfect Gifts!!

GrannySmithGreen said...

Oh, S! You are a doll! I can't wait to ham it up with you again! So glad that the goods arrived safely. I hope they fit--the "fun" one that is!

Alicia said...

The patchwork one is glorious. Pray tell us Lord Tartan who its by so that I may get it to wear as a belt!!!!!
Love the green apple that is her blog. I say her apple each day keeps the doldrums away!!!!

katiedid said...

Love it!


Now we want pictures of you wearing the ties! :)

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