"Holiday Decorating Contest, 2012 . . . "


Well, the holiday season is finally here again!  And since we had SO much fun last year - sharing images of our homes all decorated for the holidays - let's do it again.  For those of you who have been long-time readers, you'll know how MUCH I love decorating for the holidays.  The smell of fresh cedar.  The feel of pine sap on my fingers.  Maybe some holiday music on the stereo.  

Don't fret - you'll get to see what I've been doing at the house this year - but, I really want to see what y'all have been up to . . . So, I'm pleased to announce the third annual" Tartanscot Holiday Decorating Contest! "

There are three categories that you can enter :

1)  Christmas Tree ( lights. ornaments. creativity. )

2)  Dining Room ( it's one of the best times of the year to entertain.  Let's see that dining table! )

3)  Front Door  ( wreaths and garland and lights, oh my. )

How to do it:

1)  Decorate your home. 

2)  Take digital photos.

3)  Email your images (along with your name and address) to "HolidayContest@SMWDesign.com"

But, don't think it will just be me here - throwing darts at the wall to see who's going to win.   Tune in later this week to meet our panel of Celebrity Judges - a collection of designers and bloggers from around the world.  

And it's not just for bragging rights - images of the winning entries will be posted here on Tartanscot during Christmas week - and I'll also be announcing our special prizes for the contest later in the week. 

Now, for the small print:

Contest begins on Friday November 30th and ends at 11:59
p.m., P.T. on Saturday December 15, 2011. Winners 
will be announced on Friday, December 21, 2011.

The contest is open to both interior designers and 
design enthusiasts who want an opportunity to showcase
their work in the 'Tartanscot Holiday Decorating Contest'.
Submit clear photographs (up to a maximum of four photos per category)
of each room designed by you to (HolidayContest@SMWDesign.com). It
can be either your own personal home or a home designed by you for a
client, just as long as it is your OWN work.
Photograph from every angle, including close-ups and special details. 
Images should be no larger than 1MB and in jpg format. 
Provide your full name and address.


(all photography by Nicolas Smith from a party at my own home last holiday season)


Slim Paley said…
Sounds like fun! and this is the 3rd year??! Who knew?!
Can't wait!!

Let the decorating begin!
Karena said…
Scot, hmm now I must start thinking!!

A Special Scalamandre Giveaway

I am looking forward to all of the talents people who send in their work! There were so many beautiful rooms the last two years!

Have a great week, Elizabeth
woohoo!! I've already started planning...
niartist said…
YAY! And I'm actually decorating this year - so!!
katiedid said…
I will begin planning right now! So much fun. :)
Can't wait!! Sounds like so much fun!
Woodside Park said…
Steve at Urban Cottage was kind enough to tell me about these contests. I can't wait to see all the photos. And I'm seriously thinking of entering the tree category.
Cheers from DC,
Tone on Tone
What a fabulous idea! I can't wait to see everyone's ideas and will possibly enter myself. I won't compete against Loi, though! He will most definitely have a fabulous tree!
Anonymous said…
Scot - this sounds so fun! Question, can we submit Christmas Decor that we may also use on our own sites or shall this be "First Run Photo" only material? :)...let me know. Have a few clients we are playing with! xo Ann McD.
Anita Diaz said…
Oh I cannot wait! It was so much fun last year! Thanks for the opportunity!
I remember last years.....throw down!!
Unknown said…
Oh wow!! Sounds like fun. I'm a new follower btw, and I can't wait to enter.
Ron said…
I am your newest follower. I am so happy to have entered your Holiday Decorating Contest. Thanks.

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